November 2010 Vol. 12 No. 11

Liberty Dollar Four Re-indicted!

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Table of Contents:
1. Liberty Dollar Four Re-indicted!
2. New attorneys appointed to defend LD4
3. Is the government losing the LD4 case?
4. CASE NUMBER for the LD4
5. Learning Channel with Liberty Dollar now on YouTube!
6. "Inside Job" - the Movie
7. Yahoo/Financial: Federal Reserve - a private ponzi scheme!!!
8. The 20 Cities With The Most Underwater Homes
9. "Ben Bernank" Cartoon Video

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters!

1. Liberty Dollar Four Re-indicted!

Here's the real story behind the re-indictment of the LD4!

Dirty Tricks and the Re-Indictment of the Liberty Dollar Four!
How Dishonest Attorneys CO-OP Their Clients

Lying Cheating Attorneys: Do you think I am writing about the prosecutors at the Department of Injustice (DOIJ)? Nope! I mean the defense attorneys, whose sole jobs are to defend their clients to the best of their abilities. But that is not how the current injustice system works these days.

I have previously exposed how the defense attorneys usually lie to their clients so 95% cop a plea and go to prison. We know this because the DOIJ is barred from contacting the defendants and the only contact most incarcerated defendants have is the Federal Pretenders Office (FPO). So they are the only ones who can co-op their defendants into the hands of the DOIJ and prison!

But what about the stubborn 5% who refuse to believe the pack of lies that the Federal Pretenders tell their defendants and demand a trial like the Liberty Dollar Four? As the DOIJ is not happy winning 50% of the cases that go to trial, they use the defendant's own defense attorneys and a variety of dirty tricks to co-op the case into their hands and the pain-in-the-ass defendants into prison.

It is not just the Federal Pretenders Office (FPO) who lie and cheat their clients. Good God no! As the FPO can only defend one defendant in a case, when there is more than one defendant, the FPO appoints an independent private criminal attorney who is approved by the CJA panel. CJA refers to the Criminal Justice Act that created the panel and set the standards for private attorneys to represent indigent (broke) defendants. Hence the phrase: CJA attorney.

William Kevin Innes is being "defended" by Claire Rauscher, who is the head of the FPO in Charlotte. Bernard von NotHaus' CJA attorney is Aaron Michel, Sarah Bledsoe's CJA attorney is Joe von Kallist and Rachelle Moseley's CJA attorney is Matt Pruden.

First a short course in criminal law 101: Every criminal offense is constructed of elements. Every element must apply for a defendant to be convicted. For example, if "burglary" is "breaking" and "entering" a "house" at "night" and taking "property" that he/she "does not own" then there are six elements. ALL SIX ELEMENTS must apply for the defendant to be found guilty in court. That is the law. If the defendant broke into a "warehouse" or broke into a "house" during the "day", he would not be guilty. Criminal law is very exact as it must be because the defendant's life, or years of it, is at issue and equally to protect the innocent.

With me so far? Two months ago, while investigating the Liberty Dollar case docs for BVNH, Aaron Michel discovered an important "element" was missing in the indictment. This was a very serious flaw in the gov case against the LD4. But as he was under no obligation to disclose the flaw to the DOIJ, he only disclosed it to me. I was thrilled with the development although we could have won the case with the flaw.

Aaron and I held the "flaw" very close and never disclosed it to anyone until four weeks ago when Aaron disclosed it to Bledsoe's CJA attorney, von Kallist, who he trusted. Within two weeks the DOIJ informed the court that they were going to re-indict the Liberty Dollar Four to "streamline" the case and drop one of the four charges. Of course, when the gov drops any charges that is usually good news, but I smelled a rat. First, because the DOIJ does not have to re-indict to drop any charges. Second, I informed Aaron that the only reason for the re-indictment was to change the original indictment after von Kallist had informed the DOIJ of the flaw.

Of course, Aaron objected to my contention. But sure enough on November 17, 2010, just two weeks later, the LD4 were re-indicted by the Grand Jury, so no objection could be raised, as only the Grand Jury can change an indictment. And sure enough the new, the streamlined indictment corrected the flaw and dropped the fraud charge. It is now obvious that the only reason the gov went to the trouble and cost to convene the Grand Jury was to correct the flaw after the POS attorney von Kallist reported it to the DOIJ!

So what was the flaw? The original indictment omitted the element "of original design" from the 486 charge. That one key phrase meant that the LD4 were not guilty. Now that element has been added with the re-indictment. So does this mean prison for the Liberty Dollar Four? Absolutely not because LD4 would have won with the flaw! Plus there are other very serous flaws with the gov case:)! The gov cannot win this case, nor will they!

It is blatantly dishonest for any attorney to disclose client/attorney info to anyone. It is worse when the defense counsel discloses privileged info to the DOIJ and co-ops their clients into prison! Welcome to the real world of dishonest back stabbing attorneys who are supposed to "defend" their clients!

But that is not all… just look at Joe von Kallist's record: He is known as a state defense counsel who does death penalty cases. He's had only nine federal cases, the minimum number of jury trials to qualify as a CJA attorney. The first two were federal death penalty cases in which von Kallist was one of two attorneys assisting the accused. Rauscher was co-counsel in one and Deke Falls (my former CJA/POS attorney who I fired and sued) was co-counsel in the other trial. All the other defendants plead guilty except for the two jury trials with guilty verdicts (he probably did not prepare for trail as pleading is so much easier and work is such a drag).

Von Kallist has never won an acquittal in federal court. Bledsoe's case is his tenth federal case. So it makes one wonder if he is even qualified to be a CJA attorney or competent to defend Bledsoe. Oh I forgot! He is NOT defending her. His real job is to co-op her into prison, as he is nothing more than a front for the DOIJ and a damn poor one. And while his competency is a whole different question, there is no question about his dishonesty as an attorney. IMHO, von Kallist should be disbarred.

So von Kallist ratted out the LD4 to the DOIJ and they were re-indicted! But he is not the worst rat. That honor goes to Top Rat Rauscher! Nobody has done more to damage the LD4 case than Rauscher. Plus she continues to hold Kevin in a !@#$#@! stinking jail as purely punitive punishment because he refused to cop a plea as the DOIJ expected Rauscher to deliver. And I don't think any better of Rachelle Moseley's CJA attorney Matt Pruden. He is just a young rat in training. Soon to do more of the same.

Think all this is bad? Rauscher, Kevin's defense counsel, is even worse! Much worse!! Overtly, she has steadily co-oped the four defendants into the hands of the DOIJ. Recently Rauscher teamed up with DOIJ Prosecutor Jill Rose to sabotage the LD4 case again. What did Rauscher do?
1. Rauscher agreed with Rose that defense would NOT get the list of the DOJ exhibits until just TWO WEEKS before trial.
2. Rauscher agreed with Rose that defense would NOT get the list of government witnesses until just ONE WEEK before trial.
3. Rauscher agreed with Rose to set January 15th as the deadline for defense pretrial motions, thereby limiting the defense efforts.
Defendants don't lose their case because they don't care. They lose cases because their own defense counsels lie to them so they cop a plea. And when that does not work, the defense counsel gives up valuable defense info so the DOIJ can win. And to make sure the DOIJ has every advantage to win, the defendant's own counsel saddles up with the DOIJ by agreeing to outrageous terms for discovery and unrealistic deadlines for pretrial motions. Oh, and let's not forget about the non-existent defense strategy and shoddy preparation for the defendant's trial. All this and more dirty tricks are what send 97% of all federal arrestees to prison! And that is how the current injustice system works. Cute eh?! Don't you wish you were a federal defendant in such a fair and honest system?

Can I prove my allegation that von Kallist ratted out the LD4? No, it is simply a very strong case of "circumstantial evidence" supported by all the other info that has been confirmed. What is most gratifying is that in spite of all this s*** and because defense is hip to all this s*** the LD4 will win even if you don't contribute to the defense. So if you holding paper or digital Liberty Dollars and have a dog in this fight but have not taken a more active role to support the Liberty Dollar Four to "change the money - change the country" then please send $10 or $20 to Kevin's wife: Julia Gaunt, 16 Norman Austin Dr., Asheville, NC 28804. She is having a very difficult time with Kevin in jail who needs to buy the basics like toilet paper, better food, etc! Thank you for your support.

2. New attorneys appointed to defend LD4
Now the good news! I am pleased to report that Randy Lee, a top private federal criminal attorney in Charlotte has been appointed to aid my chief counsel, Aaron Michel. In addition to this very positive development, David Ganz of New Your City, certainly the most well-known and top national attorney in the field of coins, currency, and the law has been approved as an expert witness for the Liberty Dollar Four! In case you are not familiar with "expert witnesses" they are distinguished from factual witnesses by the fact that they can, and Mr. Ganz will, render an opinion. These are two HUGE developments that lead me to ask the question in Article #3 below.

But first, a Liberty Dollar supporter just contacted me because he lives in Statesville, the same little, country town where the historic Liberty Dollar Four trial will take place. I was surprised and very pleased to add another outstanding witness for the defense. Current witness count, including 20 government witnesses from the FBI, Secret Service, US Mint and US Treasure, now number 84 witnesses!! Got something you can testify to, other than you want your silver back!? Please email your particulars to me and I will reply. LAST CALL FOR WITNESSES. Getting ready for the trial:)! Hope you can stop by.

3. Is the government losing the LD4 case?
With two top attorneys now on the defense team, David Ganz as an expert witness and the fraud charge dropped, the inevitable question is: "Is the government losing the LD4 case?" The answer is YES. Piece by piece and in soo many ways, the government is loosing the LD4 case. Of course, I cannot disclose the inner-workings of the case, but if you simply look at what has happened to my co-defendants, Sarah Bledsoe and Rachelle Moseley, it is very telling. First they were arrested on two felony counts of fraud and conspiracy. Then their POS CJA attorneys, von Kallist and Purden lied to them that the gov "never" reduces felony charges to a misdemeanor (lie) and that they have worked really hard (lie) land in their special case (lie)the gov is willing to reduce the charges to a misdemeanor… IF they just plead guilty and testify against BVNH. They said NO! A few months later the same lying POS attorneys offered Sarah and Rachelle a deferred plea with no record whatsoever if they just plead guilty and testified against BVNH. They asked their attorney what they did not understand about "NO"! And explained in no uncertain terms that they did nothing wrong, they were NOT GUILTY and wanted to get into court ASAP! They demanded a speedy trial and an end to the BS that was killing their lives! Their attorneys were shocked that anybody would not take such a "deal." So in spite, von Kallist ratted out the LD4! Then the fraud charge was dropped.

Is the gov losing the case against a private voluntary barter currency? Hell YES! In fact the gov is losing much more than just the LD4 Case. The LD4 Case is just part of a long tug-a-war that the gov has been fighting and losing for many years!

A short list of reverent government losses include:

1965 - The gov lost control of the silver market when they ran out of the 3 billion ounces of silver after World War II that they sold for $1.29 per ounce. Today, silver is around $27 to $30.
1971 - The gov lost control of the gold market when they stopped redeeming their worthless pieces of fiat crap for gold and the private gold market took control of gold when gold was about $100 per ounce. Today is it is about $1400!!
1975 - The gov lost control when they returned the right of gold ownership to Americans and gave the free gold market a terrific boost.
1998 - The gov lost more control when a new, market driven gold and silver, private voluntary barter currency debuted and offered people an alternative to the US dollar.
2011 - The gov will lose much more control when the LD4 wins. And you can exercise your right of choice to be damned with a depreciating currency or win with a free market currency that will appreciate as the gov piece of crap currency descends into hell.

With all due respect to my good friends at GATA.org, the United States enjoys the freest gold and silver market, ever. Throughout the history of OUR country the gov has controlled the precious metals market. And while the metal markets are still grossly manipulated by the gov via Goldman, Morgan, HSBC, etc. gold and silver are still the freest and will continue to move towards a totally free market because the metals owners, GATA, you and I demand it. Anything less than a totally free market is "economic slavery" to a gov that lies, cheats and tries to send any dissidents, like the LD4, to jail!

4. CASE NUMBER for the LD4
Just in case you want to look up the Liberty Dollar Four (LD4) case that has been declared "mega" by the gov and branded as "landmark" by the defense team, LD4 case number is 5:09CR27-1. Enjoy!

5. Learning Cannel with Liberty Dollar now on YouTube!

I am very pleased to announce that the 2005 Learning Channel Special that featured the Liberty Dollar is now FINALLY on YouTube!!! Praise the Lord! Please do the Liberty Dollar a HUGE favor and click on the link below for the 8.50 minute clip from the original hour long show. No need to watch the whole clip… but it needs viewer counts! Just clicking on the video… adds to viewer counts! And if time permits, please add a review and that will give it an even better rating. Your support is very important as we race towards winning the trial. Please click HERE. Thanks for viewing the LD clip!!

6. "Inside Job" - the movie
I encourage you to see the movie "Inside Job" a documentary with Matt Damon, William Ackman, Daniel Alpert, Jonathan Alpert, Sigridur Benediktsdottir. Director Charles Ferguson exposes the shocking truth behind the economic crisis of 2008. The global financial meltdown, at a cost of over $20 trillion, resulted in millions of people losing their homes and jobs. Through extensive research and interviews with major financial insiders, politicians and journalists, "Inside Job" traces the rise of a rogue industry and unveils the corrosive relationships that have corrupted politics, regulation and academia.

7. Yahoo/Fianacial: Federal Reserve - a private ponzi scheme!!!
"What the Fed's $600 Billion Plan Really Means"
The Federal Reserve Wednesday announced its latest effort to spur economic growth: a plan to purchase up to $600 billion of government bonds through June 2011.

Why is the Federal Reserve buying bonds?

It wants to lower interest rates, in the hopes that doing so will loosen the supply of credit and spur more economic activity. The central bank's main tool for reducing rates is to slash the short-term overnight lending that banks charge to one another, the so-called Federal Funds rate. Bring short-term rates down, and long-term rates tend to follow. In normal times, that's as far as the Fed usually goes. In the past three years, the Fed has reduced the Fed Funds target rate 10 times, from 5.25 percent to between zero and .25 percent. It's been at that extremely low level since the fall of 2008.

Once the Fed Funds rate can't get any lower, what else can the Fed do?

I encourage you see the complete video. This a very revealing expert expose of the government's slight of hand steals more of your purchasing power… your money!!! Now even Yahoo calls the Federal Reserve - a private ponzi scheme!!!

Click HERE for the short video and printed article.

8. The 20 Cities With The Most Underwater Homes
A record percentage of mortages are now underwater!
1. Vero Beach, Fla. -- 43.4%
2. Melbourne, Fla. -- 43.7%
3. Sarasota, Fla. -- 46.3%
4. Tucson, Ariz. -- 46.3%
5. Tampa, Fla. -- 46.8%
6. Riverside, Calif. -- 48.1%
7. Jacksonville, Fla. -- 48.2%
8. Bakersfield, Calif. -- 48.2%
9. Merced, Calif. -- 49.7%
10. Vallejo, Calif. -- 51.3%
11. Fort Myers, Fla. -- 51.6%
12. Port St. Lucie, Fla. -- 52%
13. Lakeland, Fla. -- 53.7%
14. Modesto, Calif -- 53.9%
15. El Centro, Calif -- 55%
16. Stockton, Calif. -- 57.5%
17. Orlando -- 64.2%
18. Reno -- 64.4%
19. Phoenix -- 68.4%
20. Las Vegas -- 80.2%!!

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-20-cities-with-the-most-underwater-homes-2010-11?slop=1#slideshow-start#ixzz15oRykjiA

9. "Ben Bernank" Cartoon Video
Gary North Reality Check (Nov. 16, 2010): Ben Bernanke is in trouble. Big trouble. Bigger trouble than any Federal Reserve Chairman has ever been in. Here is a cartoon video that discusses "quantitative easing." It is a riot. This is very, very bad for Bernanke. When the public starts laughing at a senior government bureaucrat, he is in trouble. "Ben Bernank" Cartoon Video: http://garynorth.com/public/7261.cfm

For more info go to: Gary North Reality Check (Nov. 16, 2010): "Big Trouble for the Ben Bernank" by Gary North: http://www.garynorth.com

Closing Remarks:
That's it for another month! And what a month it has been for the LD4. With your support and our outstanding legal team, we will win this case and once again work towards returning our great country to value.

Many thanks for your continued support. For it is only by banding together and adopting a free and independent currency that provides us with "just weights and measures" will we be able to throw off the yoke of a manipulated monetary/tax system and generate a peaceful and prosperous society.

Thank you again for all your efforts to return America to value - one dollar at a time!

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect/Editor

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